Signed, Sealed, Delivered


Our lead designer says that the bigger the drawings get the closer we are to breaking ground, so we must be getting close!  I’ve shared before that the very first sketch was done in crayon on a tablecloth at one of our favorite restaurants.  That little idea turned into a little bit larger pencil drawing, then Breck transformed the idea into a concept with a 3D rendering.  It’s seen a few iterations in the months since that and each one is a step closer to the day that we walk through actual doors.

Last Friday, Breck and Katie, our Project Manager drove over from Detroit to meet with us and Uncle Bob at Buck Construction.  I’ve sat in far too many conference rooms over time but this was different.  We were surrounded by a team of people who are literally going to build our dream.  Breck rolled out the drawings and there was Nipote’s on beautiful 24x36 sheets of paper.  We were so excited to take them back to Junior who has been building Nipote’s in Minecraft and updates it whenever we change something.

In addition to seeing the drawings we covered lots of ground including a great idea of where I can put that old fire door from the original building (stay tuned).  We’ve started to talk about finishings and our friend Michael at Edison’s Shed in Grand Haven is working on our light fixtures.  He does amazing work so we are thrilled and if you’re looking for something unique and handcrafted you should check him out and follow him on Instagram @edisonsshed.  We laid out tile samples, ceiling samples, paint colors and passed pictures around and it’s so exciting to have everyone’s collective energy working towards this project and understanding the passion that we have for getting it done.  

Today, Breck and his wife drove back over to Muskegon and hand delivered the sealed, completed sets of construction documents over a pint at Pigeon Hill.  Those are very big drawings and a very big step which means we are getting close to pouring a foundation.  The best part was that our son got the chance to show Breck his own Nipote’s rendering in Minecraft which is pretty cool!  

Jeffrey Jr. was so excited to show his rendering of Nipote’s to our architect and lead designer.

Jeffrey Jr. was so excited to show his rendering of Nipote’s to our architect and lead designer.

Tomorrow those documents will be submitted to the city and our hope is that the momentum will continue on.  I’d like to tell you it’s been easy getting to this point but we have definitely hit a few bumps in the road.  There have been obstacles, challenges, unforeseen expenses and delays but we are ready for the next phase and we are so appreciative of the love and support of this community, we cannot wait for you to all join us and raise a glass!