Marley's Blog Takeover

Our mini culinary team was met with open arms!

Our mini culinary team was met with open arms!

The winter weather really hit us hard this week. The arctic temperatures and snow halted construction for a few days and at home it left us with 3 bored kids and a bad case of cabin fever. Although the weather made for a tough week, we all began to adapt. Before we knew it our Construction Project Manager was up on the roof shoveling, preparing for warmer weather and the roofing to begin this weekend and we were pressing forward on menu development. When a planned trip to the test kitchen was met with yet another snow day we decided to make it a family affair and the team at GFS was up to the challenge, welcoming our mini culinary team with open arms and personalized name tags. All of the kids did a great job and had some insightful input. Marley brought her camera and took notes so we’ve decided to let her do a blog takeover, so here it is friends, from the eyes of a 9 year old restaurateur!

My Test Kitchen Adventure by Marley Church


I went to Gordon Food Service’s test kitchen with my family.  I went with my parents because I had a snow day.  We went into the gigantic building.  We got name tags.  Right by the huge windows there was an entire indoor garden!  We went into the huuuuuuuuuuge test kitchen.  We met cooks.  Someone named Becky let us go back into the supplies room and get soda.  Then, we got gummy bears but my Mom & Dad didn’t.   They gave us clipboards, a pad of paper, a menu and a pen where we could mark what we liked and didn’t like.  The cooks brought out bread and we ate it.  It was delicious.  Next, we tried different kinds of sausage.  I liked the mild rope sausage the best because it was juicy and good.  We had 2 types of rope sausage, mild and hot, and three ground Italian sausages.  Then, we had a waffle ice cream sandwich with sprinkles.  It was good!  Next, we had 2 different kinds off steaks.  I liked the first one best and so did everyone else.  We got to bring it all home (even the ice cream waffle sandwiches)!  It was fun!!!

A few combined shots from the day from Marley and Mom