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Open the doors And feed all the people!

From the moment that we opened the doors, Muskegon has welcomed us with open arms. We’ve had highs and lows and through them all we’ve been surrounded by love and support, thank you Muskegon!

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Marley's Blog Takeover

With a planned trip to the test kitchen met with yet another snow day we decided to make it a family affair and the team at GFS was up to the challenge and welcomed our mini culinary team with open arms and personalized name tags. Marley brought her camera and took notes so we’ve decided to let her do a blog takeover, so here it is friends, from the eyes of a 9 year old restaurateur!

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Finding Balance... Glass Balls

When I shared this blog with Jeff his first reaction was that it was pretty personal.  I struggled with it as well.  It’s not about the construction, menu or design but it is about one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in this adventure...

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